Assessment Solutions

GoldMines Training & Consulting have a solid Experience in helping organizations to align their strategies with their human Capital to achieve the expected goals & vision. Mainly through talent assessment that use state-of-the-art technology by designing, articulating and implementing the right assessment methodology that match the organization strategy and ensure helping organizations to have high return on investment in people.

GoldMines Training & Consulting is honored to bring to you carefully selected global assessment solutions in the field of

  • Psychometric & Aptitude assessments,
  • 360 multi-rater feedback surveys,
  • Full Assessment & Development Centers.



Psychometric & Aptitude Assessment 

A psychometric assessment is used to measure a person’s suitability for a role based on their intellectual capabilities, personality traits and Occupational interest. 

Great People Inside:

The next generation people intelligence platform 

The next-generation people intelligence platform Great People Inside is an international company that is a provider of state of the fully customizable art solutions. We don’t believe in clients adapting our powerful system, but in systems adapting to clients. The library provides 129 dimensions in total allowing and customizing & build your assessment to achieve organizational objectives.

Profiles International:

Imagine great people Profiles International is a global American brand existing in over 122 countries. Profiles offer a wide range of assessment solutions to address your company’s most pressing concerns including hiring, selection, leadership development, succession planning, 360-degree feedback, and more. With a presence in the Middle East and North African Regions since 1999, Profiles is considered a pioneer in the industry with validation and reliability studies in over 80 countries including the Arab World.

Assess Talent Management:

An assessment that addresses a range of personality traits, aptitude and cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, motives, and experience That contributes to high potentiality in the workplace.


360 Leadership Feedback:


360° is a powerful professional development tool that positively impacts an individual’s growth and career, and an organization’s success. For managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity. It quantifies a participant’s competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills.


Assessment & Development Center:


GoldMines Training & Consulting offers fully Integrated Assessment & Development Centers to assist you in identifying & developing talent, developing strong succession planning strategy, develop learning journeys and reduce the risk and cost of low performance and/or failed recruitment. It combines exercises such as Role Plays, Group Simulations, Group Exercises, Case Studies & Presentations and Competency Based Interview.