Human Capital Consultancy

Whether you need a broad-based strategy for creating an organization or only require a single Human Resource Consultancy task, 

GoldMines Training & Consulting can help you optimize your efforts. 

GoldMines is a profession that offers businesses the opportunity to assess, plan and execute their needs involving the many factors that affect workforce management.

GoldMines Training & Consulting will assist organizations create and execute a human capital strategy that involves main dimensions: 

  1. Organization Assessment, Structure, Design & Culture Development
  2. Human Resource Health Checks
  3. Talent Management & HR Strategy
  4. Job Analysis and Descriptions 
  5. Competency Framework Development
  6. Salary Structure & Grading Systems
  7. Performance Management Systems Design8. Policies, procedures, and systems.

Employee Engagement Survey

GoldMines provide an employee engagement model based on statistical analysis and is abroad supported by industry research.

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, 

and put discretionary effort into their work.